Are You This Guy or Do You Know This Guy?

He’s just received a picture on his phone from his girlfriend of the ring of her dreams and now he has to find a jeweler to make it a reality. Our clients have often spent time on the internet using Pinterest and other sites or going out to jewelry stores viewing different styles of ring settings before settling on the one they love. This is one of our specialties.  We can even combine several  styles into one or you can even create your own style.

Sometimes men meet with us by themselves and sometimes the couple works together on the ring.  We often start by bringing you diamonds, any size, shape, and quality of her choice for you to choose from.  After viewing different sizes and qualities of diamonds, you can choose the perfect one which fits your budget. Then we will have the setting created on the computer to exactly fit your diamond. You will be able to see the computer CAD (computer aided design) drawing and make any changes if needed before it goes to the caster. If you’d like to see the 3D wax model before it goes to the caster we are happy to provide it.

In some cases the setting is available from one of our manufacturers. If you’re not sure of the style, we can bring you settings to choose from also. This is not a long process even if it’s custom made. It can go from start to finish in around 10 days. If it’s a setting which is available, it can be finished within just a few days.

With our low overhead many times we save our customers thousands of dollars. Every ring come with an appraisal included so you can immediately insure it.  All metals are available whether white, yellow, rose gold or platinum. If it is a custom made and white gold ring, we use a casting company which has a new white gold alloy which never needs rhodium plating.

These are actual pictures brought or sent to us by our customers from their phones:

Happy Couples We’ve had the Pleasure of Helping with Their Rings